Developing design methods can be described as a process similar to product development processes. Following agile approaches is worthwhile in order to identify relevant requirements of potential users at early stages of method's maturity. Live-Labs, as a controllable research environment located between laboratory and field studies, provide an environment whose results are neither too specific nor too generic. In this paper, an agile development of a method for process planning depending on product attributes is presented.

Poster presented at the 2018 Marie Curie conference: showcasing Open Innovation using different schemes between a large enterprise and a university.

This brochure includes "real life" experiences from practitioners in science and industry that illustrate best practices in the field of Open Innovation. These case studies exemplify key lessons in relevant University-Industry-Society interfacing schemes, which cover a wide range of approaches and advances far beyond the traditional role of the interface as a facilitator of knowledge transfer from university to business.

This document shortly presents the project objectives and pilots.

S2S poster in A0 format.

This first press release in English informs about the launch of the project and its objectives and expectations.

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