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University Knowledge Transfer

Direct knowledge transfer from university to industry
Direct knowledge transfer from university to industry

This UIS interfacing schema relates to the direct knowledge transfer from university to industry, particularly interesting for SMEs and start-ups. The knowledge transfer can be carried out via activities like consulting, coaching and training, online or offline. Spin-off companies created by universities are traditionally another way of knowledge transfer.

Successful knowledge transfer schemes have the potential to maximise the rate of successful implementation of proposed solutions; therefore improving the products / services or operations of the companies, while at the same time receiving feedback that helps academics and researchers improve on their scientific methods and technologies.

Challenges and opportunities to improve the knowledge transfer process efficiency from university to industry can occur through identifying the most appropriate types of academic knowledge for the industry and delivering that effectively and efficiently. This can be done by overcoming interface or internal barriers, and measuring the impact of the KT actions on the companies later on.