Science2Society boosting the innovation efficiency across Europe

The overall mission of Science2Society is to understand and improve the efficiency of the European innovation system and the ways it creates new businesses, turns technology into products and services, attracts financing and generally creates value from academic research.

The CSA is focusing on key schemes currently used to encourage use of innovation. These include co-creation of products in a virtual ‘ideas laboratory’, co-location of industry laboratories in universities as well as coaching and training provided by universities to SMEs.

The objective of IAMOT 2017 is to offer a scope for science, research, and management for discussing the specific effects of digital technologies on different forms of innovation.

Partners of Science2Society project will meet in Madrid from 27 of February to 1 of March to revise the current status of the project and to agree next steps to take to keep it continuously progressing.

It is the biggest professional and multisectoral forum of Spanish Innovation, in which participants can: