Innovawin 2006 S.L

Innovawin 2006 S.L. (hereinafter, Innoget) is an Open Innovation services provider with a clear focus on developing online solutions to enhance and foster collaboration in R&D, Business development and Innovation among Industry, Academia, Funding bodies and Society stakeholders. Defined as an Internet based company and headquartered in Mataró, Spain, Innoget was established in 2006 from the integration of a group of professionals of recognized standing and experience in the fields of Open Innovation and Technology Transfer. The co-founding partners have more than 30 years experience within Open Innovation management and assisting International companies, SMEs, Universities, Public and Private Research Organizations, Clusters, Economic promotion Agencies and Public bodies in building new and innovative Open Innovation capabilities. Innoget’s core business activity is developed through its Global online Open Innovation Marketplace, an innovative and proven way for selling and buying technologies and knowledge in a wide range of technical fields from Life Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics. is a global community comprised of thousands of professionals who have free access to tech calls and techs for sale posted by organizations convinced of the need to collaborate with external partners and actively seek to invest in joint development, technology acquisition, licensing or any other type of collaboration. Innoget offers connections with no services or brokers involved in two different directions, a “Market Pull” for larger companies and SMEs searching for R&D innovation, business and technical challenges to be solved, and a “Technology Push” where innovation consortia, universities, research based organizations, Start ups actively look for partners to either commercialize or invest in their technologies, knowledge, capabilities and innovate products. Innoget also launched a multiuser SaaS IT platform, the InnogetCloud, where customers can customise their own online Open Innovation marketplaces as well, and clearly important, automatically connect them to, that acts as a “hub” among all of them.