6th Science2Society-Meeting - implementing OI

The S2S Consortium in Karlsruhe
September, 2018

The consortium of the Science2Society-project met for its biannual meeting in Karlsruhe (Germany) from the 24th to 26th September 2018, hosted by the partner KIT-IPEK.

Focus of the first meeting day was the presentation of the final results of the 7 Pilots to the project´s Advisory Board to get their perspectives into the final conclusion how to best implement Open Innovation. The 7 Pilots are the core of this project, as they represent important Interactions Mechanisms between University and Industry in the field of Open Innovation. Dissemination materials were elaborated during the last months to promote the results of this in-depth pilot activity carried out for 18 months during the project. Different formats were designed to present the results in a more attractive way and according to the different target groups:

  • videos: a 2-3 minutes video for each Pilot to present the innovation mechanism and the main results;
  • blueprints: a set of slide deck including a detailed process overview of the interaction mechanism, followed by relevant insights and the most important learning points;
  • policy brief: short brochure including generalised models and guidelines for policy recommendations.

The next step of S2S is to ramp up the dissemination of these materials. A selection of the most relevant communication channels was already discussed during the meeting (social networks, newsletters, direct contact with our network of European associations).

The project meeting finished with an interactive workshop led by Benjamin Walter (KIT-IPEK) regarding ProVIL (Product development with future users in a Virtual Idea-Laboratory), one of the 7 University-Industry-Society (UIS) Interaction Mechanisms developed by S2S project.

Karlsruhe (Germany)