Innography Explorer

Innography Explorer offers powerful semantic search and automated reports for: Conducting prior art search, Developing new product ideas, Examining white space and novelty, Exploring freedom to operate, Identifying collaborators and Examining white space and novelty. It offers a secure solution without the risks of free patent search tools. It also includes interactive visualizations that enable the mapping of technology trends; classification similarities; market, geographic, company and classification landscapes; assignment relationships; and forward and backward citation mapping. As for Project Collaboration, Explorer enables creation of project workspaces to save search results, upload documents, and categorize documents as desired. Colleagues can collaborate on projects, review and share analysis, refine search results, and set alert notifications.

Business Case (short): 

Quick IP research to brainstorm product ideas and simplify and speed the invention disclosure process. Workspaces for project collaboration.

Business Case (extended): 

R&D teams need to conduct IP search in order to be sure they are efficiently innovating and first to file. Traditionally, researchers use a lot of time and resources to find and analyse different patents. Innography explorer is an easy-to-use, secure patent search and analysis tool that can help doing that. It also offers collaboration tools to develop the patent.


Use of a true semantic search to find patents that are relevant to the concepts in a natural language description of a patent, interactive visualizations of the results, collaboration space for development. Specifically designed Playbooks for inventors to brainstorm product ideas and simplify and speed the invention disclosure process.

Process description: 

- Idea generation, collection and evaluation (including getting information from previous research, patents, etc).

- Development (business case & plan).

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Web based, no integration.