Innovation platform

Using an innovation platform as social innovation hub in product development
Using an innovation platform as social innovation hub in product development
Objective of approach: 
  • Improve product development activities through better integration of internal and external stakeholders
  • Include elements of open innovation into early stages of product development processes
  • Enable the usage of crowd intelligence

The usage of an innovation platform as the social innovation hub for product development projects enables companies to increase success of product development projects. Innovations platforms allow to include internal and external innovation impulses and to continuously improve their quality and maturity over time. A big role plays the so-called crowd (internal and external persons) which continuously evaluates existing ideas and give some feedback and remarks to improve project results.


Combining the strengths of a structured product development process with the strengths of open innovation approaches using an innovation platform.

  • Professional innovation platform
  • Innovation coaches
Success factors: 
  • Usability of the innovation platform
  • Clearly distinguished phases of idea generation and valuation of ideas
  • Integration of methods of product development on the innovation platform
  • Using appropriate platform elements to allow for intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of the participants
  • Motivation of providing ideas and giving feedback depends very much on the appreciation of this feedback
  • Complicated usability
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