Frauhofer Publica is a database for publications and patents resulting from research activities of all Fraunhofer institutes. It contains hints and full texts of papers, conference contribution and articles in conference proceedings, research reports, studies, university texts as well as patents and registered designs.

Business Case (short): 

Service is provided by Fraunhofer with public access to search for publications (scientific papers, articles, presentations) and patents of all Fraunhofer Institutes.

Business Case (extended): 

Service is open to public. It provides all bibliographic information (type, author, date, abstract, etc.) and references to publications from Fraunhofer researchers. It possible to download the documents or in case if it's not available to order the publication from libraries. Also its possible to export bibliographic data to other literature research programms.



Process description: 

idea generation, collection and evaluation (including getting information from previous research, patents, etc).

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Not necessary.

Technology & integration: 

Web based tool.