Virtual co-creation in product development

Establishing virtual co-creation between different organisations
Establishing virtual co-creation between different organisations
Objective of approach: 
  • Build up trust in strategic partnerships
  • Situation-specific involvement of external expertise
  • Early evaluation of project results by purchaser

To improve agile collaboration within partnerships between companies, universities and RTOs, it is necessary to work with short iteration loops. One very efficient approach to support this is the usage of co-creation environments. Co-creation environments allow the purchaser to identify shortcomings in projects early. On the other hand the contractor can get fast feedback and identify ambiguity early. This increases project quality and reduces the risk of rework.


Allow synchronous collaboration between organisations at different locations.

  • Appropriate media (incl. PC, collaboration software / media)
  • Innovation coaches
Success factors: 
  • Highly motivated teams
  • Allow for personal meetings at project start and in between
  • Virtual co-creation must be accompanied by local meetings to establish a strong partnership
  • Critical situations can be identified but often not solved in virtual co-creation
Contact information: 

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