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Kompetenzzentrum – Das virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

With its 200 employees, Virtual Vehicle is a leading and experienced international acting RTO in the field of applicationoriented vehicle development and future vehicle concepts for road and rail. More than a hundred national and international research projects in close collaborations with leading partners from industry and academia of various sectors (also from aerospace, building etc.) from all over the world have been conducted since 2002 at Virtual Vehicle.


The "Fraunhofer Ideenportal" is a web based service that offers a secure environment to register, develop and discuss (innovation) ideas, prepare project proposals for internal funding and to take part on internal competition for ideas to all Fraunhofer employees. It also supports the exchange of ideas and the possibility to develop briefly ideas to projects and potential marketable products. For that "Fraunhofer Ideenportal" offers different areas and tools:

- The "Personal room" is for collecting and further develop (innovation)ideas to projects.


At OpenIDEO, people from all corners of the world collaboratively tackle some of the toughest global issues. No matter who you are, your experiences will bring a unique perspective to our conversation and idea development. Sign up to start collaborating and read on to learn more about how to participate.

Crowd Intelligence

Modern software solutions (e.g. innovation platforms) allow to involve selected internal and external experts at an early stage of product ideas. These experts are asked to evaluate product ideas and give some feedback. The evaluation can cover a simple star rating (comparable to amazon) up to an extensive reply to predefined central questions.