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Innovation Days

October 02nd, 2017

The Innovation Dyas is an international Life Science Innovation event in Paris. This event gathers the health main actors in the Life Sciences field: pharmaceutical labs, patients associations, scientific societies, startups, health sector Institutional, Venture capital and Business Angels.

EU4FACTS: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world

September 26th, 2017

The EU4FACTS conference aims to produce a set of clear recommendations for successful evidence-informed policy making institutions, processes and individuals. It offers a frank encounter between leading experts from the fields of science, policy and media. During the event, economists, psychologists, philosophers, sociologists and natural scientists have an opportunity to have an honest, public discussion with practising politicians, policymakers and journalists.

Volvo Group Innovation Summit 2017

September 07th, 2017

The Innovation Summit 2017 organised by the Volvo group offers the opportunity to hear from leaders in the transport sector about the industry’s rapidly digitising future and how the industry can positively impact society. During the event, innovative solutions to increase transport efficiency, lower environmental impact and improve traffic safety are presented.

Open Science Fair 2017

September 06th, 2017

The OSFair2017 brings together policy makers, funders, publishers and content providers, research infrastructures/communities, researchers, libraries, institutions and innovators with the aim of bringing change towards a more open and sustainable scenery.

How will we share cars in the future? Students present carsharing concepts at the third ProVIL milestone

July 12th, 2017

What would convince you to become a carsharing customer? Would you be convinced if you would become a greater involvement regarding the equipment of the cars? Is an improved cleanliness of the vehicles for you a great argument? If you are a passionate bicycle rider: How can we help you to carry out a spontaneous shopping without having to use a car?

Boosting innovation through SME-university collaborations

July 06th, 2017

Small firms with big ideas are a critical component in driving the nation towards a knowledge economy – but SMEs are often left out of the innovation system. Dr Nicky Athanassopoulou discusses key enablers and barriers to improving interfaces between universities and SMEs that boost innovation.

Our colleague Nicky Athanassopoulou from IfM ECS has written an excellent article on best practices to boost innovation through SME-university collaborations. You can read it at The Manufacturer Magazine!