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How small industrial SMEs can reach international markets and growth through Technology transfer

This Open Innovation (OI) collaboration initiative features an Austrian SME that is specialized in a very specific industrial market niche: the joining of dissimilar metals. Its products are highly technological and can be used for welding different types of traditional and new lightweight materials, allowing several improvements in weight, energy consumption and usability. This technology can be applied in automotive, railway, aircraft and shipbuilding markets, as well as the construction of pipelines, aluminium and steel products.

Joint Institute for Innovation Policy

The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) is a joint venture of four well-renowned Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) from four different European countries: TNO (The Netherlands), VTT (Finland), Joanneum Research (Austria) and Tecnalia (Spain). It was established in April 2008 on the basis of a consortium agreement and became a legal entity in May 2012. JIIP provides intelligence to support policy-making with a focus on research and innovation policy.

Lime survey

Online survey tool to get qickly responses on surveys; partners give support from basic support to the development and implementation of complete LimeSurvey Projects.

Data-driven innovation

A data owner (e.g. mobility company, production company) provides data to an analyst (e.g. innovative SME, university, RTO) who applies data analytics technologies to generate added-value for a customer (e.g. city planner, production process optimizer). The data can be produced by e.g. the society (e.g. passengers of a mobility company, car drivers), sensors or workers in production environments,... A customer pays for a service delivered by the analyst -> data driven innovation.

Sources Code Library

Engineering teams have a documented strategy and process for the management, storage and use of source code and related materials. This process includes direction regarding trunk, branch and labelling. It should also include direction for merging fixes provided by other teams outside the team who owns the code.