How can products be developed in a Virtual Idea Laboratory together with future users?

Motivation Including customers into early stages of product development has been proven to be a huge success factor. However, actual approaches of user integration often only focus on single spots like collecting product idea, customer surveys or product testing (“test users”) leaving out the systematic integration of (actual or future) customers along the product development process. Goal Pilot 1 (Co-Creation) combines systematically the huge creative potential of students in mechanical engineering with the strong product development process of industrial companies in order to develop highly relevant products with a big innovation potential What we do

  • Create an innovation process which allows for integration of students into product development activities of companies to enable co-creation Integrate this approach as practical course into the curriculum of universities
  • Develop a model which allows for transferring pilot 1 to others fields and locations

Expected results

  • For industrial company: Mockups which represents innovative products designed by the students
  • For students: Huge knowledge gain in the field of practical product development
  • For university: Pilot 1 will serve as Live-Lab allowing for research of new processes and methods within the field of product development
  • Other Stakeholders: models and best practices which enable implementation of a (adapted) version of pilot 1.
  • Guidelines for project teams and stakeholdersHow to initiate, facilitate and reward cross-organisational research teams.