University Knowledge Transfer

What is necessary to improve 1-to1 knowledge transfer from academia to SMEs?

Motivation SMEs play a very important role in EU economy accounting for 58% of EU GDP and 67% of employment. Despite this, there have been very few initiatives for direct, non-technical knowledge transfer (e.g. management knowledge) from universities to SMEs. Goal Understand the factors that are important for making direct knowledge transfer from universities to SMEs and increase this type of interaction. What we do

  • Analyse existing research on the factors that influence direct knowledge transfer from universities to SMEs
  • Conduct 10+ direct knowledge transfer initiatives with SMEs
  • Monitor effectiveness of approach and barriers to transfer
  • Monitor impact of transfer to SMEs performance
  • If necessary, refine and optimise the approach

Expected results Guidelines for university teams and stakeholders on how to:

  • Engage successfully with SMEs
  • Transfer efficiently non-technical knowledge to SMEs

Uniqueness of the pilot project There are only a few studies looking into the process of knowledge transfer from universities to SMEs. This pilot will fill a gap in our current understanding in this domain.