Open Innovation Marketplace

How to connect universities, RTOs. industries, SMEs and start-ups with online knowledge marketplaces.

Motivation Since H. Chesbrough coined the term Open Innovation back in 2003, the Internet industry growth has boosted the development of “The Sharing Economy” (e.g. Uber, Wase, Airbnb, Upwork). Within this context, many companies and R&D Organizations are currently using the Internet and digital tools to develop new processes to find new technology, innovate faster, engage with new external technology partners more efficiently while building their global trusted network of Innovation partners. Goal Develop guidelines and processes to implement an online University Open Innovation platform for technology transfer to support Universities facilitate direct connections between University researchers and External partners (the Industry, RTOs, SMEs and Startups) in order to increase the number of technology and knowhow transfer projects. What we do

  • Implement an Online Open Innovation Marketplace for TU Darmstadt
  • Define the “rules of the game” for participation (Intellectual Property – IP, Confidentiality, Technology areas of interest). 2 Phases: (1) Non-Confidential (2) Confidential
  • Test and analyse results by posting industry needs and presenting technology offers and knowhow available for cooperation

Expected results Guidelines for project teams and stakeholders:

  • How to develop, implement and manage an Online Open Innovation Marketplace for University – External Partners collaboration
  • How to protect your IP and Confidentiality while operating in an Online Open Innovation Marketplace
  • How to present your technology needs for scouting and technology offers for commercialization
  • How to build your Trusted Network of Innovation Partners

Uniqueness of the pilot project The use of a SaaS Tool (InnogetCloud) specifically developed for technology transfer brings a unique way to build on new processes around collaboration and partnerships creation between Universities and external organizations. We provide a digital solution into the technology transfer and knowledge sharing process so that we want to help cover the gap for research funding, market insights and technology commercialization opportunities for research conducted at Universities while reducing transaction costs and Patent Application expenditure.

  • Better allocation for Intellectual property protection expenditure
  • Global Network
  • Multi- sectorial
  • Broad Stakeholder’s profile access (Large Corporates, SMEs, Start Ups, VC, BA, RTOs)