Open Innovation Marketplace

Open Innovation Marketplace

Many companies and R&T Organizations are already using the Internet and Digital Platforms to develop new Open Innovation processes to find new technology, innovate faster, engage with new external technology organizations more efficiently while building their global trusted network of innovation partners. The use of Digital Platforms at University level can provide direct connections between the university research community and external stakeholders. The main objectives are to (1) improve the process of knowledge transfer into the market in the form of products and services, (2) make research output much more available to the market and (3) provide the research community with an easy access channel to research funding opportunities and collaborative projects from the global market.

If successfully implemented, Universities can better allocate for Intellectual property protection expenditure.


Develop guidelines and processes on how to implement an online university Open Innovation (OI) Marketplace for technology transfer to support universities to facilitate direct connections between university researchers and external partners (e.g. the industry or RTOs).

  • Design the online Open Innovation Marketplace (The SaaS tool)
  • Set up the OI Marketplace by defining the configuration of the tool (Tool administrator, Content manager, Community Manager and Rules for Engagement
  • Launch the OI Marketplace and online communication strategy (Built the community and generate curated content)
  • Monitor community and content growth rate.
  • Monitor performance and built trust on the marketplace via case studies.

Guidelines on:

  • How to implement and manage an Online Open Innovation Marketplace for University – External Partners collaboration.
  • How to protect your IP and Confidentiality while operating in an Online Open Innovation Marketplace.
  • How to present your technology needs for scouting and technology offers for commercialization.
  • How to build your Trusted Network of Innovation Partners.